Why Visit Ukraine?

David Schwinger UkraineUkraine is know for it’s natural beauty and lavish history, making it a great country to travel to and explore, especially if you like learning about different cultures. Over 500 cities in Ukraine date back to almost 1,000 years ago and are filled with rich cultural history, along with archaeological sites and breathtaking palaces that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a different world.

If you’re thinking about visiting Ukraine in the year future, you won’t be disappointed. And if Ukraine isn’t on you bucket list of places to see in the next year or so, it should be. There are endless opportunities for you to learn about not only the Ukrainian culture, but about yourself. Here are just some of the many reasons why Ukraine is a great country to visit:

First, there are over 300 museums in the country, which include seven national historical and cultural preserves. These museums hold pieces of Ukraine’s history, with 80% of the monuments belonging to the Kievan Rus era, including the well-known St. Sophia’s Cathedral and the Kievan Cave Monastery – two sites you won’t want to miss (they are even listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites).

The historical city of Kiev is another reason Ukraine should be top on your list of places to visit. Kiev is the oldest city in Russia with the most diverse architecture that ranges from Gothic to Baroque and Renaissance. Kiev is fascinating not only to the eyes, but because of its rich historical and religious background. Lviv and Odessa are two other great cities to visit, one known as the city of Lions, the other as the pearl of the Black Sea.

David Schwinger Ukraine

Speaking of the Black Sea, which is situated between Western Asia and Southeastern Europe, many people who visit Ukraine like to explore its scenic coastline. There are many castles in Ukraine that were built along the Black Sea, including the neo-gothic Swallow’s Nest which is located in Gaspra, a small town between Yalta and Alupka.

Ukraine’s geography contributes immensely to its lure for visitors. With oceans, mountains, and scenic beauty surrounding the entire country, you’ll be able to experience what bliss looks like. If you’re an outdoorsy person, take a hike in the Carpathian Mountains or any one of the country’s 33 national parks and nature reserves, or get your feet wet and go diving in Crimea – there’s no reason to stay inside when Mother Nature’s light shines in the outdoors.

David Schwinger Ukraine

And while you’re exploring Ukraine’s great outdoors, reconnect with your spiritual side and learn about Ukraine’s diverse religions. Predominately Pagan and Christian, you can explore the Lavra Caves in Kiev and the catacombs in Odessa to get a feel for what life was like in prior years.

If you still aren’t convinced that you should travel to Ukraine as soon as you get the opportunity, check out Ukraine.com’s blog post detailing even more reasons you should visit this beautiful country.