Traveling to Israel

Very few destinations can match the rich cultural heritage of Israel. With stunning architecture hundreds of years old, and a vibrant, bustling population, there’s always something to do in this jewel of the mediterranean. However, with so many facets to explore and experience, how can a person be expected to take it all in? Below are few of the must-see spots for you to visit during your next trip to Israel.

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Are you interested in exploring some of the oldest architecture Israel has to offer? The City of Jerusalem contains some of the most ancient, and historically significant buildings of the entire country. Visit the Western Wall, commonly referred to as the Wailing Wall, and place a prayer between the cracks of its ancient stone edifice. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Dome of The Rock, and the site of The Crucifixion are all major places of gathering for the devout and curious alike. With so much to see and do in this storied city, one could spend days without leaving.

Looking for a spot to relax and float around? Why not take a jaunt to the lowest point on Earth? The Dead Sea, renowned for the supposed healing power of its mineral rich mud, is the vacation destination for many looking to explore Israel’s natural beauty. With waters made buoyant by the level of salt saturation, the Dead Sea is the ideal place to bob along with the waves, and never concern yourself with sinking.

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For a more modern take on Israel, look no further than Tel Aviv. The Carmel Market, located at the heart of this bustling mini-metropolis, is the perfect place to feel the cultural pulse of Israel. Be sure to bring along your best bartering skills, though. This market is fueled by bargains, and the better your are at haggling, the more mileage you’ll get out of your wallet and experience.

Whether your interests include visiting places of living history, unique and beautiful natural sites, or feeling the beat of a modern and unique culture, Israel has something for you. With a history stretching back for centuries, where will you explore first?